Apartment living

Apartment Living?

Many people are downsizing into more affordable living accomadations.   Apartment living has become the answer for many individuals and familes in the more recent months.  At the Louisville Recycler, we would like to do everything we can to assist you with this process.

Do you need help moving?

  • If you rent an apartment or house we can help you move.
  • We have the trucks and the manpower to help you move into your new apartment.
  • We will treat your stuff like it is our stuff and have you moved and ready to set up your new household.
  • There is always stress and worry when moving. Let us take that pressure away by moving the big stuff so that you can handle making your new house (or apartment) a home for you and your family.

As always Louisville Recycler will haul away any appliances, or anything metal for a reasonable fee. We will always provide you with a full writen estimate prior to starting any of our services.  We guarantee to treat your house like it was our own and will leave your property better then when we found it. All Recycler employees have been background checked and drug screened. We will not send anyone to your house that we would not send to our own home.

We will take the following steps in disposing of your items:

  1. Process all items picked up to ascertain if any could be donated to reputable organizations to help the needy in our community.
  2. Process all metals, plastics, and paper to be disposed of properly.  Every small amount we do is one step closer to a better environment for our children and grandchildren.
  3. We take particular precaution with any hazardous materials.
  4. Deliver all recyclables, donations, and hazardous materials to appropriate organizations.
  5. Remaining waste will be delivered to the landfill with the least amount of bulk as possible.
Feel positive that your items were recycled to the fullest by the Louisville Recycler.